Port A Yoga in Port Aransas, Texas

“Quiet your mind. Free your body.”

Enhance your vacation and quiet your mind with yoga classes by Port A Yoga. Hatha and Vinyasa classes are held on an open air deck, so you can enjoy the great weather while you free your body. All levels are welcome and walk-ins are accepted. 

The yoga studio at Port A Yoga in Port Aransas

Port A Yoga Class Schedule

  • MONDAYS: 6:00pm with Katherine Matthews
  • THURSDAYS: 8:00am with Katherine Matthews
  • SATURDAYS: 9:30am with Donna Barrett

*All classes are held on an outside deck, and are sibject to cancellation due to cold, rain or unsafe conditions.


Port A Yoga Pricing

  • Walk in Rate: $10 for locals, $15 for guests
  • Pre-Paid: 6 classes for $72, 12 classes for $100
  • Monthly Unlimited Yoga: $125-Expires 30 days from date of purchase              
Yogi on the Beach at Sunset
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About Hatha & Vinyasa Classes


Are you new to yoga or want to know more about the types of yoga offered at Port A Yoga? 




Hatha Yoga is a special type of yoga designed to open channels of the body so that energy can flow freely. It involves a sequence of asanas (or postures) to do so. If you haven't tried yoga before, Hatha yoga is an excellent place to start.




Vinyasa Yoga is a very popular type of yoga which typically refers to a movement style 'linking breath to movement.' Participants flow in and out of moves so seamlessly that the yoga form almost looks like a dance.


Whichever type of yoga you choose to try at Port A Yoga, you won't be disappointed. We look forward to meeting you and Namaste.